World War 2 Radio is highly engaging project for KS2 children.  They make a radio programme as though it was a live broadcast in the second world war.

The project comes in different formats to suit all schools.  Some like to do it all in a day with one class, whilst for others it is a week long project for all of KS2, and everything in between.

This schedule below gives an idea of a one-day project.

D-Day = Do it Day

1 day itinerary (other itineraries are available)

Time Activity Staffing
0830hrs Radio Truck arrives
0900hrs Roll Call Class
0915hrs Programme planning Class
0930hrs Item development Groups
1030hrs R & R Stand easy
1045hrs Initial Radio Training Class
1100hrs Script writing Individual/group
1200noon Luncheon NAAFI canteen
1300hrs Training & Rehearsing Individual/group
1400hrs Set-up studio Class
1430hrs On-Air Class/school
1500 Completion of exercise Stand down


The show is recorded for later broadcast on the internet through the schools website, or via our own service.  It can also be provided as  CD for the school to sell to parents.

Make do and Mend!